Help Desk Solutions – Who Needs Them?

Growing a business comes with enough struggles as it is. Experiencing regular downtime due to IT issues is the last thing a business owner wants to be dealing with. Fortunately, there are solutions to assist businesses through any stage of their growth journey.  It’s time to consider outsourcing the help desk solutions portion of your business.

How Downtime Hurts Your Business

In a recent study from Gartner, 98% of businesses indicated that an hour of downtime cost them an average of $100,000, with an even greater impact for larger companies. In 2019, Facebook experienced a 14-hour outage, resulting in a loss of $90,000,000. Though we may not all experience high-impact outages like the one Facebook experienced, countless issues throughout the day can negatively impact productivity, resulting in a different type of loss. It takes the average worker roughly 23 minutes to get back into a solid workflow after an interruption. When multiplying this across a salaried team, the impact is significantly greater—but we’ll let you do the math on that one.

Why Help Desk Solutions?

When it comes to issues like outages or frequent interruptions, having a great support system in place is vital to getting businesses up and running smoothly again. Dealing with network issues is like experiencing a power outage—the lights may as well be off for your employees. In the modern age, it is staggering how little can be accomplished without a proper network connection.

Why hiring help a help desk is the right solution:

      Self-Service Options

Several studies have reported that the average user prefers using self-service options for smaller issues. Knowledge-based articles and customer portals are two of the most commonly used self-service options for users, and with the right company, you can get both. Help desks also give companies the ability to analyze issues based on the frequency they occur and create self-help options for their users.

     Simple Process for Users

No matter the needs of the company, the essential functions of a help desk are the same across the board. Users are organized based on ticket number and priority of the outage or issue. Someone at the help desk is assigned to the issue, and users are assisted from there. When dealing with outages, prioritizing issues will help minimize the time affecting the business, and restore service operations as quickly as possible.

    Tailored to Your Needs

A Help Desk can assist in providing your company with unique solutions for its specific needs. For example, Cloud-Based Technology, though ideal for smaller businesses due to its flexibility and easy to access data, would not be the right solution for businesses with encryption requirements, like medical and banking. Utilizing a help desk will help ensure that your company is receiving the appropriate solutions for your unique needs.

Essential for Growth and Security

As interconnectivity continues to advance in the world, so does the list of IT issues, including security. Help desks provide businesses with the software and support they need to handle sensitive data, such as maintaining an internal network. They also help to ensure that you are up-to-date on all of the latest security patches, updates, and practices. Implementing an appropriate help desk solution is the next step in improving efficiency within your business, and is essential for the next stages in your company’s growth.

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