What is Office 365?

Office 365 has today become the lifeline of many companies, individuals, and even small businesses. This subscription service comes from the stables of Microsoft Corporation and the brand of Office 365 encompasses several plans that allow users to use the Microsoft Office software suite as they please. The subscription also allows users to access the cloud-based software for service products that can be used for business environments, including Skype for Business Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint, amongst others. Office 365 is also sometimes simply referred to as Microsoft 365.

Office 365 provides a full-featured email system as well integrated with web access, a contacts directory, integrated calendaring, 50 gigabytes of email storage, support for mobile device access, as well as 5 terabytes of document storage per account. Don’t worry if this isn’t enough storage for you as more can be purchased al la carte.

The biggest draw of Office 365 is that it provides convenient web and desktop access to your email and an integrated calendar. Apart from this, unlike other software, it provides 50 gigabytes of email storage per user. The system also contains an in-built anti-spam message filtering, integrated anti-spam tools for having better control of email filtering and identification. Furthermore, you also get access to OneDrive for Business, which is an online document storage and sharing tool that both staff and management can access through the OneDrive Web App. Each user gets 5 terabytes of document storage as well.

Office 365’s hosted services offer business and enterprise-oriented plans that offer access to the cloud-hosted versions of Microsoft Office’s server platforms on a software as a service basis. These include the browser-based Office Web Apps suite, Skype for Business, Exchange, and SharePoint also. The benefit here is that through SharePoint’s OneDrive for Business, there are plans available that even allow unlimited personal cloud storage to the user.

Using Office 365 comes as a boon for teams who need to bring together resources from different sectors, need to hold meetings, share files, chat, and connect through same apps, all the while which is connected to their team members, their content, as well as sharing and storing files amongst each other.  It allows you to not only remain connected with your team but also allows you to collaborate from anywhere in the world. You can not only share files, coordinate schedules, and book meetings, but you can do all this from the very ease of your smartphone even.

Office 365 comes in many different types of subscription plans that are aimed at different market segments and different users and their individual needs. This also means that it is available at different price points, depending on just what the user is looking for. This ensures that you are not having to pay for features that you will never use.

As Office 365 is a vast software containing many services, it is but natural that there are many doubts pertaining to its usage for a different variety of users. Some of the common questions we often come across include:

· How many devices can each user install it across?

· As a small business, which version would be best suited for my organization?

· Now that I want to proceed with Office 365 how do I get started?

· Are there less or more features in any one version of office 365?

· Is it available for installing offline on the PC?

Similar to these, there are many questions and doubts on the minds of users related to Office 365. We, at attempt to clear these questions as they come up.

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