As a Small to Midsize Business (SMB) owner, you are no stranger to struggles and setbacks, particularly with respect to scaling the IT portion of your enterprise.   The last couple of years have taught us how to not only survive in a pandemic, but how to thrive in a situation unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetimes. For SMBs, the IT landscape has changed dramatically. First toward a remote working model, and now toward a more flexible hybrid model. Virtually overnight, the need for businesses of all sizes to “go digital” became more prevalent than ever before.  If IT challenges are not addressed, they can become a significant obstacle for SMBs, hindering growth and limiting productivity.

Common IT Challenges of Modern Businesses

Sometimes, the challenges we face provide us with the greatest opportunities for growth. This applies to all areas of life, but especially when it applies to businesses and expansions within the IT sector. Some of the more common IT challenges modern businesses are facing today are:

Network Security Complexity

Between the “work from anywhere” movement and an increase in remote and hybrid options, the likelihood of a security breach is much higher than what we have seen in the past. Security breaches can bring about a whole new host of problems—from ransomware attacks to a full loss of critical company data. Cyberattacks can bring a business to its knees, destroying the livelihoods of everyone in its path.

Increase in Devices

With the increase in remote and hybrid work environments, company-issued devices to accommodate this need are increasing as well. From laptops and tablets to phones and printers, connectivity has become a top priority for many SMBs. And it is not expected to stop anytime soon. IT experts anticipate a 30 percent increase in devices connecting to business networks over the next few years.


As the world goes digital, business owners now have the added responsibility of regulatory compliance. That is, securely safeguarding your private digital data. Nearly half of SMBs are not comfortable navigating IT compliance regulations, and that is without weighing the fact that regulations are rapidly and constantly changing. Combined with each high-profile data breach you read about in the news, staying ahead of the constant changes is a serious challenge for SMB owners—especially when over 50 percent of SMBs have no IT staff on hand due to budget constraints.

Data Backup Issues

From something as random as a fire or a flood to political unrest or natural disasters, backing up your company’s data is crucial. Accidents happen. But when it comes to your data, you cannot risk operating a business without having secure backups in place. Cybersecurity threats bring about more concern, as cybercriminals have the ability to lock and encrypt your data for good.

Finding Solutions

IT issues are frustrating, and no one can see what the future has in store. That is why finding the right IT team for your SMB is just as important as finding the right equipment.

No matter the challenges, know that overcoming them is within your reach. At HazeyTech, we pride ourselves on connecting businesses with the greatest IT solutions on the market today. Reach out for your free consultation and let our team help you navigate even the greatest IT challenges that come your way.

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