Wireless Security Tips for Small Businesses

Wireless security is no longer limited to only well-funded startups.  Few technical inventions have made life easier than the arrival of Wi-Fi networks. In today’s world, anyone with the right password can access the internet without needing to plug into anything. Unfortunately, like with any new thing, criminals quickly began exploiting the conveniences brought about by Wi-Fi too. With the onslaught of cyber threats present on the internet today, experts recommend avoiding entering any sensitive information unless connected to a trusted and secure network.

How Small Businesses are Affected

Believe it or not, it is very easy for cybercriminals to create fake networks that appear official, providing full internet access to victims while stealing their precious information. Anything entered on the victim’s computer  is recorded, so if they use a credit card or access their social media, their information is immediately compromised. But something like that wouldn’t happen in your place of business, right?

Wrong. In the business world, this kind of attack is known as an “evil twin attack.” These work by tricking users into connecting to a fake Wi-Fi access point set up as a mirror copy of the original so nobody can tell the difference. Once connected, all of your critical data is quietly copied as your company does business.

How Can You Secure Your Wi-Fi Connection?

If you are broadcasting a strong Wi-Fi signal at your office or place of business, you have probably already wondered how you can prevent attacks like these from happening. A good first step for any business is to control who can access the network with identity and access management tools. Once access has been identified and set up, it is recommended by top IT professionals to utilize Multi-Factor Authentication options. Firewalls can also be set up to create Perimeter Security for your network, with clear definitions of where the trusted space ends.

Your company’s data is a precious and vital resource, that can be compared to the vault of a bank. There are many security gates and doors that are between the front door and the vault containing cash and precious metals. So, it is imperative that you have the right security measures in the right places to prevent access to your valued data vault.

Ways to use Wireless Security to Further Protect Your Data

Ensuring that your business has a strong wireless security system. is always the first step in further protecting your data.  This is especially true of older network devices, that have a potential of outdated security settings. Sometimes those dusty servers in a backroom can be a huge security risk if enough time has gone by without replacement. Outdated security and encryption protocols can be compromised and old devices can still be using default settings, leaving you vulnerable to attack from anyone within the signal range.

Be sure to also secure the physical location of your servers—it would be a shame to only protect the online side of your business, providing attackers with direct access to your server’s hardware. Keeping these server rooms under lock and key is absolutely paramount. There have been cases where thieves physically remove servers, allowing them to profit from both the parts and the data.

Training your staff about the current trends attackers are using to penetrate business networks is vital to your business. Creating a culture of security awareness in your company from the leadership down is becoming the number one line of defense against IT attacks. Do not wait to become a statistic. Call HazeyTech now to learn how we can help protect your vault of data.

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