Microsoft has always kept the professional office work at its top-end consumer market.  This approach coupled with the evolution of Cloud Computing gave birth to Microsoft Business Solutions, which is a detailed toolbox under Microsoft framework to ease down corporate management for organizations of different sizes.

Under the line of tools pertaining to Microsoft Business Solutions, major task management gets due to Microsoft’s services with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERM) and Customer Resource Management (CRM). Those facilities were bundled for customers under the title of Microsoft Dynamics. With evolution of Office 365, it is now titled Dynamics 365. It serves its tool through the 365 framework of Microsoft Enterprise Solutions.

Sales Module Framework of Dynamics 365

It is a threefold program that divides the sales management based on three key aspects covering the market, the team, and the communications.

On the surface the following features are available through Dynamics 365’s Artificial Intelligence Sales application:

•             Business report

•             Team report

•             Call intelligence

Under those titles, the framework is vastly interconnected and interchangeable for client’s specific interests and nature of his market. That facility arrives with multilayered Dynamics 365 technologies  reaching multiform interactions to cover each side of enterprise business solutions.

Offering an easy path to enterprise operations, a huge benefit with Dynamics 365 is that it fits rightly in the ecosystem of Office 365, Outlook for Business, Yammer, Microsoft Projects, SharePoint and Azure. Therefore, the traditional sales module empowered with 365 framework and inclusion of Artificial Intelligence now evolved into a complete setup for financial evaluation that tracks ERM and CRM at a synchronized band connecting multiform operations throughout the enterprise communications and data management.

Embedded Functions of Dynamics Sales Module

The Sales Module is specifically designed for sales managers to better manage their teams, perpetually train the sellers, and quickly respond to business questions with data, charts, facts, figures and comparative analysis.

This comes handy when overall ecosystem too is designed for it. Sales Module keeps not just updated of market research through its internet connectivity but it also syncs with your domestic situation that is particular to your business. It does not depend on data fed by the organization itself, Artificial Intelligence uses the available data of behaviors of your market’s financial patterns and syncs it of it’s own network.

Moreover, the sales management also enters the next stage of technology with Dynamics 365. Unlike the everyday Artificial like Alexa or Cortana the business oriented inbuilt Artificial Intelligence is too smart and efficient for financial research. Sales Module is particularly into using more Artificial Intelligence than any other part of Microsoft Dynamics, simply for the reason that this evolved level of financial Artificial Intelligence is endlessly swift at guesswork of customer behavior and their buying patterns.

Thus the overall idea for Dynamics 365 Sales Module is to leave the data management part to the Artificial Intelligence and involve the client better with his consumer market by providing him personalized methods and tools apt for his domain according to data analysis.

How Artificial Intelligence works for you

AI-powered sales management systems analyze data from sales, market behaviors, economic rates, exchange rates, consumer trends, and macro and micro-level economic trends to identify useful patterns. These capabilities showcase AI as a crucial tool that singlehandedly handles tasks typically performed by a large team.

The Artificial Intelligence is a looped framework to recheck the satisfactory workflow for any glitch that provides an alarming insights. Your field sellers and their inside sales are eased down for better customer engagement and decision making. It cuts a lot of training and labor to direct them through the Microsoft Ecosystem.

Then prebuilt and embedded insights reveal the best prospects and customers to focus on as well as the most impactful actions to move relationships forward, while empowering managers to improve sales and team performance.

Functions of Dynamics 365

Sales module takes away extra labor and adds the ease with handy Microsoft framework that keeps control at managers desk and applies the follow up command to rest of system bringing up the desired results.

First it lifts the level by replacing the traditional selling with smarter selling that feeds and evolves the Artificial Intelligence for Sales.

Later this same replacement shows up as segregation of necessity of specific tools to enhance the accuracy according to Artificial Intelligence that determines the market growth and factors affecting it on key segments.

Then comes steps to begin to apply methods directed to increase the conversion and bring more leads to you while simultaneously calculating the probability of conversion for each case.

Finally comes the rectification steps which focus at how to prioritize leads and segregate leads with highest chance to convert.

This will allow the AI to control the sales model based on advanced scoring. The whole structure stays in sync with economic criterion that previously brought satisfactory results.

Dynamics 365 Sales Module as Complete Sales Solution

Traditional sales applications evolved two steps from the pre-internet era, starting with paper-based registers. First, Microsoft Excel provided a comprehensive data management tool with high-end computational abilities. Next, Microsoft’s enterprise solutions offered a wide range of applications, including Teams, Microsoft Booking, Power Apps, Microsoft BI, Delve, and others within the business framework of the Microsoft ecosystem.

At the next stage the idea is to bring whole ecosystem at one base as it happened with personal management of Microsoft framework that provides OneNote, OneDrive, Bing, Sway and others at single home. This is where Dynamics 365 is to offer a single base connectivity.

So, it is about layers of current economic measures, and market analysis compared against supposed future-prospects and erecting projections and methods for it.

Thus, as further we lead to personalize engagement with similar people using sales relationship, it keeps taking signals from Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, and Office 365.

Once the overall process is setup the Dynamics get more and more automated That we call l automate sales execution which include points as such:

•             Increase productivity with regular prompt.

•             Keeling and improving the records.

•             Managing contacts and sections like a personal app.

•             Crating wide framework for improving up to the next round.

The add-on enables customer interaction through the Sales Module and Dynamics 365 as a forum for sharing successful strategies. Enterprises assess these methods to improve sales based on context and apply others’ recommendations.

Microsoft’s enterprise solutions advance organizations by incorporating business-smart AI and Office 365’s extensive framework, integrating seamlessly with Dynamics 365 and shaping the future of enterprise solutions.

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